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A-Channel DVD Complete Collection (disc 2)
  • Spoken Languages: Japanese
  • Subtitle Languages: English
  • Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 300 Minutes
  • Region: 1 / NTSC
  • Publisher: Sentai Filmworks

    Toru and Run have been best friends forever, so when Toru learns that she's managed to get into the same high school as Run, she runs to tell her... only to find Run in a compromising position with yet another girl, Yuko. Needless to say, that makes things a bit awkward at school, with Toru fending off those who might be interested in Run while Yuko and their other girlfriend, Nagi, have to deal with Run's own penchant for drama.

    But it's not all angst all the time, and as the school year progresses the four girls and their many classmates find time to laugh, play, and figure out how to handle the unexpected problems life likes to throw at the them. Like bugs in the house, accidentally giving each other horrible haircuts, freezing up at karaoke, or forgetting to put your underwear on in the morning. Contains episodes 1-12.
  •  A-Channel DVD Complete Collection (disc 2)
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