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Gokudo DVD 5 'Lover Extraordinaire' - OOP
Spoken Languages - Japanese & English
Subtitle Languages - English
Suggested Age Rating - 13+
Running Time - 100
Region - 1
Publisher - AnimeWorks

Gokudo and the gang have a new quest, to find the legendary Savior Device of the Buddha people! All they need to do is deal with the fact that their bodies and souls are still swapped around, Panda is giving birth to the monkey god, Goku, Jiki has become a turtle, the witch sisters have become snakes, and everyone has been recruited by the demon Ikkyu to be in a pop band.

Luckily, they have help in the form of Nanya, a servant of the White Tiger God, but she's fallen hopelessly in love with Djinn's soul and Prince Niari's body. Even if they get all this straightened out and find the Savior Device, they still have to deal with the evil monk Sanzo, who has his own plans for it.
 Gokudo DVD 5 \'Lover Extraordinaire\' - OOP
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