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Steel Angel Kurumi 2 DVD 1 'The Lips of a New Master' - OOP
• Spoken Languages - Japanese & English
• Subtitle Languages - English
• Suggested Age Rating - 17+
• Running Time - 90
• Region - 1
• Publisher - ADV Films

Another kiss brings Kurumi back to life in the 21st century. Only this time, Kurumi’s got eyes for a new Master: the awkward ninth grade cellist, Nako, who lives at the old shrine with her perky, plotting mother. But Nako’s neighbor Uruka, the spoiled daughter of a multi-billionaire, is jealous, and the girl’s father will stop at nothing to ensure his darling daughter’s happiness—even if it means awakening Kurumi’s long lost sister, Saki, to get her out of the way! It’s six new episodes set in a new century, with a new Master and new Steel Angel abilities. But if there’s one thing that always gets Kurumi going, it’s messing with someone close to her Mark II heart!
 Steel Angel Kurumi 2 DVD 1 \'The Lips of a New Master\' - OOP
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 Steel Angel Kurumi 2 DVD 1 'The Lips of a New Master' - OOP
Season Two of Steel Angel Kurumi can be summed up in two wor ..

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