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Legend of Crystania DVD 'The Motion Picture'
Spoken Languages - Japanese & English
Subtitle Languages - English & Spanish
Running Time -85
Region - 1
Publisher - ADV Films

From the pen of Ryo Mizuno, comes an all new adventure set in the aftermath of the Lodoss Wars! When the fleet carrying the exiled Ashram, Pirotesse and their followers runs aground on the accurse shores of the Beast Island of Crystania, Ashram is possessed by the Dark God, Barbas! Pirotesse escapes, but it is three hundred years before she can find a group of adventurers daring enough to enter the land of the were-beasts! Only when a new group of humans arrives in Crystania does Pirotesse find her champions. Now, a new quest is born: to recover the lost 'Fangs of the Beast' and banish the dark god back to the oblivion from which he came!
 Legend of Crystania DVD \'The Motion Picture\'
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L - M » Legend of Crystania

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 Legend of Crystania DVD 'The Motion Picture'
loved it great art work and story line.just make shure to wh ..

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