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Top 10 Rentals
01.Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls DVD (disc 3)
02.Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi DVD 1 'Fate' - OOP
03.Argentosoma Collection DVD 5 'Our Memories'
04.Big Windup! Oofuri DVD Collection (disc 2)
05.Birdy the Mighty - Decode DVD Part 1 (disc 1)
06.Canaan DVD Complete Collection (disc 1)
07.High School DxD Blu-ray Complete Series (disc 1)
08.Highschool of the Dead OVA: Drifters of the Dead DVD
09.Hiiro no Kakera Season 1 DVD Complete (disc 2)
10.Is This A Zombie? DVD Complete Series (disc 2)
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 Slave Market DVD
Kinda of good hentai. A lot of good sex scenes, but some unn ..

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